Birch Island and East Blackpool residents concerned about roads

Residents at two meetings have long lists of roads they felt were not up to standard

Wells Gray Country director Carol Schaffer (centre

Wells Gray Country director Carol Schaffer (centre

Roads, roads and roads.

Even though roads are not a Thompson-Nicola Regional District responsibility, they seemed to be the main topics of conversation during public information meetings held by Carol Schaffer in Birch Island and East Blackpool recently.

The first meeting with the TNRD director for Wells Gray Country (Area A) was held May 6 in Birch Island Community Park while the East Blackpool session was held May 7 at the Ludtke residence. Both were held outside.

Residents at both meetings had long lists of roads they felt were not up to standard and needing repairs. Schaffer said she would see what she could do about it.

She noted that the highways minister has announced funding for rural roads and that some of that money should be coming to this area.

Birch Island‘s loss of identity was a concern brought up during the meeting in that community.

The village shares a postal code with Clearwater, which means that mail can be returned to sender if not addressed with Clearwater rather than Birch Island.

“Do we live in such a large place that mail is undeliverable if it is not addressed absolutely perfect? We did not move,” was one comment recorded.

At the same time, GPS and GoogleEarth do not recognize their road names as being in Clearwater, resulting in false or no information being given.

Garbage along the CN right-of-way was another Birch Island concern. Who should be responsible for cleaning it up was the question.

One complication for those living in East Blackpool is that the first part of Dunn Lake Road is in District of Clearwater while the remainder is under the control of the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The CN crossing near the Blue Bridge needs repairs, Schaffer was told.

Most of those attending the East Blackpool meeting seemed happy to hear that the TNRD’s mosquito control program was continuing.

The program uses a biological larvicide, they were told.

Stagnant water on private property will be treated as well, if landowners ask to be put on the list.

The regional district now has a noise bylaw in effect, Schaffer said.

If people have a problem with loud parties, they should call the TNRD if it’s during office hours. Otherwise, they should call the RCMP.

Rosemarie Brummer, a relatively recent arrival in East Blackpool, said she is obtaining a fire tanker that will be available for use by area residents in an emergency.

For liability reasons she would not operate the tanker herself, she said.


Brummer was apparently involved in organizing a fire department for Falkland when they lived there.