BC Parks increases camping fees

The changes affect approximately half of the provincial parks across B.C. where fees are charged

Camping at Mahood, Falls Creek and Clearwater Lake in Wells Gray Park is going up five dollars per night to $23 per night under new fee increases announced by BC Parks on Friday. Staying overnight at Pyramid campground goes up by two dollars to $20 per night.

North Thompson Park remains the same at $23 per night. Backcountry camping by Clearwater/Azure lakes and Murtle Lake all stay the same at $5 per person per night.

The new fees will come into effect as of March 15.

According to a media release from the Ministry of the Environment, the changes affect approximately half of the provincial parks across B.C. where fees are charged for various forms of camping. These changes support enhanced facilities and services at provincial parks across the province.

“The appeal of British Columbia’s treasured parks is reflected in the growing number of visitors who come from around the province, and the world, to enjoy them,” said Mary Polak, Minister of Environment. “We are ensuring BC Parks continue to offer a high level of service, as well as enhanced facilities, for the public to enjoy now and for many generations to come.”

Over the past five years, BC Parks has invested approximately $60 million in park facilities. The increases come after years of capital projects aimed at attracting young families, improving accessibility, and providing new opportunities for people to experience and enjoy BC Parks.

The majority of affected parks will see only a $1 or $2 per night increase. In some parks, fees will be decreased or eliminated altogether. For example, several camping and backcountry sites in the Kootenay region, such as at Arrow Lakes Provincial Park, will no longer have fees. Select group camping sites will see a $1 to $2 per party increase.

An additional $410, 000 is expected to be generated this year for B.C.’s protected areas systems. All of the revenue from increased fees will be put back into operating and maintaining the parks system.

Parking remains free in all provincial parks. For a complete list of campgrounds and updated fees, please visit bcparks.ca.