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Bad drivers, fighting neighbours keep Clearwater RCMP busy

Weekly police report
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Clearwater RCMP responded to 63 calls for service this past week.

On Jan. 20 at 7:37 p.m., a TMX employee called the RCMP to report a hit and run on Highway 5 and Park Drive in Clearwater. There was a 45-minute time delay.

According to the case information, a possibly intoxicated driver of a white Ford F350 Crew Cab truck registered to Ledcor, working on the Trans Mountain Pipeline, ran into the TMX employee’s son-in-law. The suspect provided his son-in-law the wrong company name for the vehicle, a wrong B.C. Driver’s Licence number and an invalid phone number, then took off in a hurry and did not want the police called.

The son-in-law, who also works for TMX, was at the hospital. He was driving southbound though the traffic circle when the vehicle driving eastbound entering the traffic circle failed to yield causing him to run into the back of the truck with his front bumper.

The suspect male was described as Caucasian, had a scruffy face, was 5-11, mid-30s, wearing a black hoody and dark cargo jeans.

The son-in-law was driving a black 2009 Chevrolet pickup with Alberta plates. There was no actual injury to report, damage was under $10,000 and the vehicle was still drivable.

The investigation is ongoing.

On Jan. 20th at 9:41 a.m., a local 50-year-old female called on behalf of her 58-year-old neighbour, in the 900-block of Old North Thompson Highway, to report mischief to his trailer, which he suspects a former tenant of being responsible for.

The owner advised that a 28-year-old Lethbridge man was renting to other people while the owner was out of town for work, which he ultimately evicted him for. This resulted in significant tension between both parties, and when the owner returned home from work he realized that someone had shot the windows of the trailer with a BB gun, based on the small chips in the glass. Const. Tobin spoke with another male neighbour who resides next door and he advised that he, along with his roommates, did not witness anyone cause the damage and then suggested the owner and complainant are probably responsible and trying to get others in trouble.

Unfortunately, none of the neighbours in this area get along and are unwilling to watch out for one another or cooperate in a meaningful way with police. The owner advised he doesn’t want the previous renter contacted but rather an information file created for documentation. He also reported damage to his plumbing and advised that the windows were intentionally left open when his renter left, presumably to cause the pipes to freeze. The owner and his female neighbour were happy with the advice provided.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, Const. Van Woudenberg observed an F350 pull into the parking lot of Wells Grey Pub, and upon spotting the police vehicle, immediately slammed on the brakes, and had to try twice backing up to park properly. Const. Van Woudenberg observed the same truck leave the liquor store and initiated a traffic stop, with the driver continuing to drive to the Clearwater Resort gates before stopping. Heavy smell of liquor was noted coming from the driver, a 41-year-old Revelstoke man. The Alcohol Screening Device demand was read and breath samples provided which resulted in two FAIL readings. A 90-day driving prohibition and 30-day vehicle impoundment were issued as a result of the readings. The local tow company towed the vehicle to their yard.

The driver walked back to his campsite in the campground. He was recently laid off of working on the pipeline and was hoping to leave to Houston, B.C. the next day. The Immediate Roadside Prohibition documentation was completed and faxed to the Motor Vehicle Branch.

Sgt. Grant Simpson is the detachment commander for the Clearwater RCMP

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