2012 Regatta Golden Girl nominees

Three women have been nominated to be the 2012 Regatta Golden Girl: Mary Stewart, Ena Chiasson, and Eva Buck

Three women have been nominated to be the 2012 Regatta Golden Girl: Mary Stewart, Ena Chiasson, and Eva Buck

Mary Stewart

My family and I would like to nominate Mary Stewart as a candidate for this year’s Golden Girl award. This wonderful lady has spent countless hours at the Clearwater Thrift Store, volunteering Mary Stewarther time for over 20 years to help raise funds for the Hospital. Her endless volunteer hours have meant that the hospital has been able to purchase many extra items for patients.

She has also spent many years playing music at Evergreen Acres and Forest View Place, entertaining the guests with hours of enjoyment. Over the years Mary has also found the time to help fellow neighbors in the community and at Forest View Place extended care wing.

Mary Stewart is a long time member of the community who has dedicated herself to helping her community and her peers; it is people like Mary that make Clearwater a fabulous place to live. We believe she is a perfect candidate for the “2012 Golden Girl”.

Ena Chiasson

I would like to nominate Ena Chiasson for this year’s Golden Girls award.

Ena has been a strong and constant volunteer in our community for many, many years. She is aEna Chiasson genuine volunteer who cares passionately about the North Thompson Valley. Ena is invaluable to the Hospice Committee, Legion and Hospital Auxiliary. She dedicates countless hours and without her, we would be lost. There are many other committees in our community that may be more visible but these organizations are quiet pillars to our community that sustain our community members, often in time of need and crisis.

Ena is an inspiration with her energy and never lets us down. Thank you Ena! Our community is better because of all that you do.

Eva Buck

I am nominating Eva Buck as a candidate for this year’s award.  Eva, along with her whole family – husband Ed, and children Barry, Bev, Brent, Lyle and Carolyn, were a constant “Face of the Lake” during the 70s and 80s.

Eva spent countless hours at the beach helping with swim lessons as well as organizing and working at the Regatta’s that were held at the lake. In the early years, when the Clearwater Swim Club had out of town instructors, Eva opened up her home to them. Many of us remember all the wonderful baked goods Eva would bring down to the lake.  Eva and her family did many of the improvements at the beach, in the early years.

Eva made it a priority that all her children learned to swim properly and to take life saving lessons. I believe that all her children became swim instructors and gave back to the community by instructing Red Cross and Royal Life lessons at Dutch Lake. They were also involved as Clearwater Swim Club racers in many swim meets in the Interior.

Eva always liked to work in the background and never wanted to be in the limelight. Therefore, much of the work she did went unnoticed by many.


Because of her many countless hours of volunteering at Dutch Lake and all the other community activities that Eva has been involved in I believe she is the perfect candidate for Golden Girl 2012.