$125,000 forfeited to the Crown

Court confiscates majority of home equity after grow-op found

After being found guilty of growing marijuana in Clearwater, Christine Quirion has to forfeit $125,000 to the Crown in addition to receiving a 16-month conditional sentence. Quirion was convicted of production of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance after police executed a search warrant on Feb 13, 2009.

The 100-acre rural property located on Candle Creek Road had a large shop devoted to the growing of marijuana. Inside police found more than 2,500 plants at various stages of growth. An elaborate electrical bypass was located as well.

After the seizure police conducted background checks on the property and found Quirion was the sole owner and had purchased the property in 2004 for $280,000. The shop had been constructed after she purchased the property. The approximate equity in the property was $225,000.

Police sought and obtained a restraint order. A restraint order prevents the owner from selling or otherwise disposing of the property prior to the court proceedings.

A conditional sentence order allows the subject to reside in the community under a variety of conditions. Should she fail to comply with the conditions they serve the remainder of their sentence in custody. In this case Quirion is under a curfew for the first six months.

Jean Busque was also on the property at the time, he pled guilty in January, 2010, and received 16 months in jail.

Clearwater RCMP have been successful in obtaining forfeiture of two other properties in the area over the last few years and there is currently one under restraint.

– Clearwater RCMP