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Looking back at civic elections in 2014

A total 781 votes were cast from roughly 1,300 eligible voters, for a voter turnout of 60 per cent.
Owen and Rose Thon look on as Alice Ramsauer cast her ballots for Clearwater mayor and council during local government elections in 2014.

The initial results were in and John Harwood had been re-elected as mayor of Clearwater for another four years.

During local government elections held in November 2014, he defeated challenger Jon Kreke—who’s trying his luck for mayor again in this election—by 481 votes to 294.

“I’ve let myself in for four more years of work,” Harwood said, after the 2014 vote.

Nevertheless, the win left him excited and optimistic, he said.

Harwood had been District of Clearwater’s mayor since incorporation seven years prior and challenger Jon Kreke had been a member of town council the three years leading up to the election.

Elected to town council were Ken Kjenstad with 679 votes, Shelley Sim with 667, Merlin Blackwell with 598, Gord Heisterman with 545, Dennis Greffard with 533 and Barry Banford with 505.

All except Greffard were incumbent council members.

A total of 781 votes were cast out of an estimated 1,300 eligible voters in District of Clearwater, for a voter turnout of 60 per cent.

The voter turnout was down by 80 from the last local elections.