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UPDATED—LIVE BLOG: Full election results for Clearwater

Follow this post for comprehensive coverage on the mayor, council, regional district and more

The civic election polls are now closed.

Final count for mayoral results

Merlin Blackwell—644

Jon Kreke—236

Final count for council results

Council candidates:

Shelley Sim—690

Lynne Frizzle—610

Lyle Mackenzie—587

Barry Banford—563

Lucy Taylor—483

Bill Haring—442

Keith McNeill—422

Brent Cooper—166

Travis Borneman—152

Will Ellis—146

Ray Kollin—67

Results for Thompson-Nicola Regional District Area A

Director candidates:

Carol Schaffer—200 votes

Tim Pennell—173 votes

Results for Thompson-Nicola Regional District Area B

Director candidates:

Stephen Quinn—57

Alberta Venor—33