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Footyfest 2024 soccer tournament in Clearwater fun for all

Rain didn’t dampen spirits or fun for those who participated or watched
The Clearwater Bashers team playing against Barriere on June 2. (l to r): Elijah Allen, Shylo Ryde, Ryder Dooley, and Ridley Hollar. The Bashers won 5-1. (Photo by: Maddy Beka Capostinsky)

Even though it was a fairly rainy weekend in the North Thompson Valley, that didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the soccer teams participating in the 2024 FootyFest soccer tournament, which took place in Clearwater on June 1–2.

All of the teams were eager to play, according to parents and coaches. Many volunteers, referees, fans and players created a memorable event throughout the weekend’s matches.

Teams gathered at the large field — which was split into smaller fields — at Clearwater Secondary School, with 22 teams taking part in the tournament.

In U13, there were three teams from Clearwater, two teams from Barriere, and one team from Chase. In U10 there were three teams from Clearwater, three from Barriere, and one team from Chase, while U8 saw four teams from Clearwater, three from Barriere, and one team each from Chase and Lillooet.

Final standings:

U13: Chase (first place), Barriere Strikers (second place), Clearwater Tsunamis (Best Sportsmanship, as decided by the referees).

U10: Chase (first place), Clearwater Bashers (second place), Clearwater Rafters (Best Sportsmanship, as decided by the referees).

The Clearwater Youth Soccer Association tournament organizers for FootyFest 2024 were Sid Prime, Liane Culp and president Tori Cooke. At the end of the tournament Prime addressed all the participants, saying “We’d like to thank the coaches, players, parents, referees, volunteers, and sponsors, specifically Home Hardware who donated champion shirts for both the First Place teams, Best Western who provided rooms for the referees, and the District of Clearwater.”

Players were overheard saying they couldn’t wait for next year’s FootyFest tournament.

“It was such a memorable weekend for everyone and a great experience for our small town soccer players,” said Cooke. “I’m thankful for all the volunteers who helped make it a success, and loved seeing the players’ skill improve over the tournament and the fantastic teamwork.”

(l to r): Claire Wood and Corbin Sedgwick (Clearwater teams) battling for the ball on June 1 during the FootyFest Tournament at Clearwater Secondary. (Photo by: Maddy Beka Capostinsky)
The Chase U10 and U13 teams strategizing during the FootyFest Soccer Tournament in Clearwater. The Chase U13 and U10 teams both took home first place in their divisions. (Photo by: Maddy Beka Capostinsky)

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