Simpcw First Nation Chief Shelly Loring is shown holding eagle feather fans up in honour of the people participating in the ‘We Walk For The Children’ journey from Kamloops to Chu Chua on Sunday, Oct 3, 2021.  (Jill Hayward photo)

Simpcw First Nation Chief Shelly Loring resigns

Simpcw First Nation Chief Shelly Loring has resigned after submitting her resignation to Simpcw Council last week.

“It is with a heavy and pure heart that I announce that today I tendered my resignation as the elected Kukpi7 (Chief) of Simpcw,” posted Loring onto social media Sept. 20, 2022.

“Life this last little while has been very difficult. I thank my husband, my children and family for their unwavering love and support. In the last few months I have come to realize that I need to refocus, balance myself, continue on my healing journey and work through my grief. I know some will understand and others may not, but I ask for my decision to be respected. Please know that in my years of service to my Simpcw People and Lands I have always conducted myself with compassion, humility, respect and love”

A notification to the Simpcw community regarding Loring’s resignation was released on Sept. 23, stating, “The Council on behalf of Simpcw membership, extend our sincerest gratitude for her dedication and service to the Simpcwemc and the Simpcwul’ecw. Her leadership throughout the years has been exemplary and under her guidance Simpcw has accomplished many significant milestones. We wish nothing but the best for Shelly in her future endeavours and know that she will continue to do fantastic work.”

Until the position of chief is filled, Ron Lampreau Jr. will be the acting Kukpi7 (Chief) of Simpcw.


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