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Investigation of break-and-enter on-going

Submitted by Sgt. G.D. Simpson

November 21

Clearwater RCMP received a call from a Blue River male at 4:21 p.m. reporting a break and enter into a residence in the 1700 block of Highway 5 in Blue River, B.C.

The complainant stated a tan and teal Ford truck bearing B.C. plates was stuck in the mud at that location and the back door of the residence had been pried open. The alarm within the residence had been triggered which potentially scared off the intruders.

Cst. Lockwood, Cst. Klassen and Cst. Van Woudenberg attended and spoke with the complainant, as well as an Edson man, both of whom are listed as property representatives.

The property reps said they ground the lock off the front gate of the driveway, went through the house and no one was inside. They pointed RCMP members to footprints in the snow that travelled out to the highway where further tire tracks were observed of a vehicle pulling over and potentially people getting in.

The residence was cleared. The Ford that was stuck in the mud had been reported stolen from Valemount approximately two to three hours prior. Evidence showed the suspects used a crowbar to pry open the bottom basement door. Once entry was gained, an intrusion alarm and lights sounded and the suspects attempted to cut the alarm by ripping the control panel from the wall.

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Outside, the suspects cut the locks on two different C-cans with grinders and evidence showed they were able to get inside. Nothing appeared to have been stolen from within the C-cans, however.

The homeowner, who lives in St. Albert, A.B., had initially called the two property representatives and is aware of the incident. Photos were obtained of the residence, C-can and the recovered stolen vehicle, where Latex gloves were found.

The Valemount detachment was updated on the recovery of the stolen vehicle. An investigation is ongoing into this incident.

Police are asking anyone with any information to contact them directly or through Crimestoppers should they wish to remain anonymous.

November 22

At about 10:45 p.m., Cst. Lockwood was notified by Cst. Hall that a male had just run from her during a traffic stop who was impaired.

Cst. Lockwood attended and observed a white Mazda RX7 parked in the middle of the road on Clearwater Valley Road at Kurlowych Road in Clearwater, B.C. Shortly after he attended, Cst. Lockwood observed a grey PT Cruiser driving toward members on Kurlowych Rd.

He approached the vehicle from head on, shining the bright lights and police lights into the cab of the vehicle. Cst. Lockwood saw a 52-year-old local male he recognized, driving the vehicle.

A traffic stop was attempted, however when Cst. Lockwood exited the police vehicle, the male accelerated toward him, and he had jump out of the way. Police conducted patrols for the vehicle, seeing it on Murtle Road passing Robson Drive.

Cst. Lockwood stopped at the intersection of Murtle Cres. at Robson Dr. and observed the vehicle enter Blair Pl. He closed the distance and observed the PT Cruiser parked at the dead end of Blair Pl. and saw fresh foot prints going into the nearby bush.

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He yelled for the male to come out of the bush as the suspect was under arrest. Cst. Lockwood is satisfied that with the very short time delay, the male was able to hear him.

Cst. Lockwood attended to Capostinsky Dr., where the male resides, and made it obvious it was the police and banged as hard as he could on the front door of his motor home conducting a curfew check.

The male did not answer the door. Cst. Lockwood spoke to the property owner who stated that the male was in the house with him and should now be in the trailer.

The male was not home for his curfew which is a breach. The male is arrestable for breach of conditions and driving while prohibited (indefinitely) and warrants will be obtained.

Clearwater RCMP responded to 24 calls this past week.

Sgt. G.D. Simpson is the detachment commander at the Clearwater RCMP detachment.

Anyone with information on a crime is encouraged to call Clearwater RCMP at 250-674-22327 or to report anonymously, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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