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Clearwater RCMP responded to 43 calls for service

Clearwater RCMP responded to 43 calls for service
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Clearwater RCMP responded to 43 calls for service this past week including theft of a vehicle part from the Blue River garbage collection truck and an out of province speeder dangerously passing emergency vehicles.

On May 1 dispatch advised Sgt. Simpson of a theft of a catalytic converter that had occurred in Blue River earlier this morning. Simpson contacted the complainant who advised that the local garbage collection truck was parked at the TNRD’s Eco Depot which is gated. Simpson said, “The complainant, a Blue River man, believes the thieves went under the fencing, cut off the catalytic converter and then departed the same way they came in. No suspects, witnesses, or video surveillance at his time. The complainant believes that the thieves were transient as no one locally would target their own local garbage collection company. He understood there was little for police to follow up on, at this time.”

Police are asking anyone with any information on this particular incident to contact them or Crimestoppers should they wish to remain anonymous.

Sgt. Simpson said that on May 3 a complainant, who is a BC Ambulance employee called RCMP to advise that she was travelling in an ambulance and was just passed on a double solid line by a B.C. plated Mazda MX3. The Sgt. added, “The rental vehicle proceeded to pass another ambulance on a double solid line and a string of five vehicles nearly causing two head on collisions.”

Cpl. McGeorge located this vehicle observing it pass at approximately 100 km. in a 60-kilometer zone. The vehicle was subsequently pulled over. The driver, an Edmonton man, exhibited signs of drug consumption (dilated pupils, sweating profusely, and darting movements), and was also in possession of approximately two grams of cocaine (not seized) and admitted to using some prior to driving. He was issued a 24-hour suspension under 215 of the Motor Vehicle Act as well as violation tickets for Driving Without Consideration and Speeding.

Simpson added, “The vehicle was also impounded for 24 hours by the local tow company. The driver then walked from the location in the parking lot of the Wells Grey Hotel where he advised he would stay for the night. His driver’s license was seized and mailed to the Alberta Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.”