Bird starts fire in Vinsulla hayfield next to CN tracks

The remains of an unlucky bird proved that the bird was the cause of a fire that started in a hay field next to the CN tracks in Vinsulla the afternoon of July 14. (Facebook-Robert Simon photo)

When a fire started in a hay field next to the CN train tracks in the Vinsulla area of the North Thompson Valley the afternoon of Wednesday, July 14, the McLure Fire Department were on their way immediately with Barriere Fire Rescue ready to lend assistance if needed. CN representatives also attended.

“Our family was out there right away and the fire crew was hot on our heals!,” posted property resident Stevee Paige Belli on social media after the fire. “Luckily the wind was coming down from the north so it pushed the fire against our green grass and we had more time to stomp it out. Great teamwork got er out pretty darn quick!”

Concerns that the fire had been started by a passing train were quickly eased as investigation at the site determined the fire to have been started by an unfortunate bird that arced a faulty hydro ground at a pole in the hay field.

The McLure Fire Department and the assistance received from a BC Wildfire helicopter were commended by local residents for their quick response and fast action in putting out the fire.

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