Snow piles up next to a pathway through a trellis. Photo by K.A. Pendergast

Snow day brings back memories of childhood

When I got outside, to my chagrin, there was at least six inches from overnight

  • Feb. 14, 2018 3:30 p.m.

I woke slowly to quiet! I came to the realization that it must be snowing since nothing else makes it quite that quiet unless the hydro was out.

I peeked over to the digital clock and saw the numbers on it shining so I knew it had to be. I thought to myself yay! Maybe it would be a snow day! Nothing to do but maybe snuggle under blankets with a grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe later I could go out and go for a walk or make a snowman.

Then it hit me! I am a grownup now and don’t get that. Ugh! I did smile to myself though remembering that I didn’t have to work today. Maybe I could get that after all.

I got up and saw it was still fairly dark outside, so it was hard to tell just how much had fallen so far. After breakfast I heard the roar of the snowblower starting. I decided I had better get my butt out there to help.

We all share shoveling and snowblowing around our combined yards. Once in awhile a snow fairy/angel comes along and does a bunch before we wake though. I have heard there are a few in the area!

When I got outside to my chagrin there was at least six inches from overnight. Oh my goodness! It did not look like it was going to be an easy chore at all!

I got busy too and after a half hour or more we seemed to have a system going. It was coming down as fast as we shoveled though. Gotta say it was a bit frustrating!

I glanced up from my chores and looked down the pathway. It reminded me of a time in my childhood when the snow was so deep we made a few tunnels. I had to take a moment to grab my phone/camera to capture it.

I took a couple quick shots and noticed as I was doing so that it was getting full of snow, so I put it away. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a second to savor the peace and tranquility that snow brings.

I lifted my face to the sky to catch the snowflakes on my skin and even tasted a few while I was at it. With a big smile I sighed and pulled my gloves back on and got back to work.

Being a grownup comes with responsibilities, rats anyway!

Maybe if the snow let up later, I could get that walk in … if it wasn’t too deep.

I might need some snowshoes for it though. I guess a snow day to a grownup just means more work most of the time ….

However, if you stop for a moment to listen and feel it does make you think. Although I am longing for some spring weather and flowers with sunshine, there are still moments to enjoy today, right here and right now.

In spite of the snow and work that comes with it I really do, “Love where I live!”

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