Explore the ways to show you care this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the one day each year when men, women and children across the country gather to honor the mothers in their lives

  • May. 8, 2016 8:00 p.m.

Mother’s Day is the one day each year when men, women and children across the country gather to honor the mothers in their lives. Though it can be challenging to find new and unique ways to display your affection for Mom on Mother’s Day, rest assured that sometimes the simplest concepts are the ones mothers most appreciate. This year, look no further than the following ideas for some inspiration as you aim to make this Mother’s Day as special as possible for the mother or mothers in your life.

• Give the gift of sweet treats. What better way to highlight mom’s sweetness than with some delicious treats made just for her? Whether you decide to whip up some homemade confections in the kitchen or visit a nearby store for something decadent, mom will no doubt appreciate the chance to indulge on her big day. Moms who prefer cookies and portable snacks will no doubt enjoy Pocky and Péjoy biscuit sticks. These tasty snacks from Gilco are dipped or filled with popular flavors, such as chocolate and strawberry, and are now available with green tea cream. Pair with a cup of tea, coffee or whichever beverage mom prefers to complement her favorite treat. Pocky is available in most grocery stores, and can typically be found in the Asian food section.

• Make a meal to remember. Mom deserves a night off from dinner detail, and while dining out is an option, a homemade meal may come across as more intimate and heartfelt. Thanks to kitchen appliances that make it easier than ever to prepare gourmet meals at home, you can now make restaurant-style meals in your kitchen without sacrificing restaurant-quality taste. For example, new tacook Rice Cookers from Tiger Corporation do more than just perfectly steam rice. They also incorporate synchro-cooking to cook two different items at once. Present mom with her favorite Asian-inspired poultry-and-rice dish or use the cooker to easily bake bread or steam a side of vegetables. Pair the meal with her favorite wine and make sure you handle all the cleanup.

While mom waits for dinner to be served, a soothing cup of tea can set the tone for a relaxing evening. The Tiger Hot Water Kettle boils water in seconds. With three temperature settings and a de-chlorination cycle for removing chemical tastes and odors, the kettle allows mom to quickly enjoy a cup of her favorite brew. These kitchen essentials are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

• Plan a Mother’s Day picnic. Busy moms may look forward to a break from the bustle of daily routines. An afternoon picnicking outdoors can be the ideal way to enjoy a special Mother’s Day. Plan an easy menu of foods that have portability. It’s easy to transport hot or cold foods when you have Tiger Stainless Steel Thermal Wares on hand. A refreshing fruit salad can be kept cool for about 8 hours. If mom prefers pasta primavera, the thermal container can keep it warm and ready until it’s time to enjoy.

Gifting is made easy when you tap into the things mom likes. Learn more about these gift ideas and more at www.pocky.com and http://usa.tiger-corporation.com.