Life is all about comparisons don’t you think?

  • Mar. 19, 2018 3:30 p.m.

Life is all about comparisons don’t you think? We compare boyfriends/girlfriends, we compare schoolwork/jobs, we compare food and drinks.

We seem to compare just about everything in our lives. We can’t seem to get away from that.

It may be just all about our philosophy that life is greener on the other side of the fence. I suppose it is just human nature! Sigh!

I do admit that I am human just like everyone else. Why, just the other day I was comparing myself to a truck! A truck you say! Yep! Can you guess why? No? Well, I’ll tell you.

It was a pretty cold morning! Minus 24 degrees. Whew! I had a chilly nose even while snuggled into fleece sheets. I had no get up and go at all! My legs felt tired still, but I knew I had to get up and get out there to get ready for work.

I swear a few years ago it wasn’t like this. I thought to myself that perhaps it was just the cold. I puttered out to my den and snuggled into a blanket while I sat at my chair to check the computer.

I had made a glass of iced tea to help wake me since I don’t drink coffee. The caffeine did not help a bit! My eyes couldn’t seem to stay clear and focused at all. Ugh!

It took some time to get going and later a banana and a large glass of water helped quite a bit. I still dragged somewhat during my work prep and hoped the brisk weather out there would wake me more when I went out to start the truck.

Then the truck whined and didn’t want to turnover at first! What the h.e.double toothpicks? Then I realized I had not plugged it in for the cold weather and it was my fault! Rats!

I crossed my fingers for another try and turned the key, and to my relief it turned over and started up! I smiled to myself and locked it up for a moment while I went in to get a proper pair of boots and finish getting ready. I laughed to think that I was feeling just like that truck this morning!

I had not given myself the proper care lately such as not many good green foods and hardly any water. Ugh! No wonder.

That kind of treatment just wears you down. Just like the truck that needed a little care such as fresh oil and a warm block heater to help it be ready to start in the morning.

So, now if you find yourself comparing things or what have you, be sure to take the time to see what you can do to improve what you have, to begin with! Kinda like that banana and glass of water helped me. I’m not saying that a little fun stuff is out of the question. I like things like chocolate and wine and even caffeine, just like the next person does.

It is just not a wise plan to make a complete life excluding all other things along the way. Balance! That is the answer! I guess we all need to learn where and what our balance in life is.

We cannot just wish we had what others have by comparing our lives to theirs, but instead, take that moment to see, we can get that and more if we work for it ourselves.

Each person, job, and truck is unique and if we just look around us we can achieve nearly anything just by working hard and treating ourselves and other people and objects right, as well as rejoicing in the differences all around us.

I think I am going to try to work harder at making myself better inside and out so, on another cold morning, I will have more get up and go and not need to compare myself to that truck ever again! Haha!