Camping in Clearwater this season?

Some handy tips if you're going to be out and about in B.C.'s forests

Forestry camping, or recreation sites are favorite spots to camp for those who enjoy rustic, off the beaten path camping spots. The Ministry of Forests has made changes over the past few seasons in the management of these sites; to avoid unpleasant surprises campers are advised to find reliable information regarding the site of their choice. All Forest Service recreation sites remain Crown land. They have not been privatized. The Ministry works with partners to manage some locations. These partners include First Nations, forest companies, local governments and contractors. In cases where a partnership agreement hasn’t been established, the facility is maintained by its users. The Ministry of Forests monitors user maintained sites and provides a basic level of service such as toilets, replacing damaged structures and removing hazardous trees. Users are asked to keep the sites clean and respect the environment, leaving the sites in good order for the next visitors. Some recreation sites are managed by operators who will collect a fee. There are some decommissioned sites, which means that tables, toilets and fire pits have been removed. Provided that there are no public safety, or environmental concerns, the sites are still available to the public.