Water meters to come to Vavenby households

Water meters to come to Vavenby households

To the Editor,

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, there was a community meeting in the Vavenby community hall at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the water meters that will be placed at everyone’s home and business. Area “A” director for the TNRD Carol Schaffer organized the meeting.

She set it up for social distancing and only 25 people were allowed, one per family, in the hall. A screen was set up outside for residents to watch what was going on and the meeting was streamed online as well.

Director of Environmental Services, Jake Devlin, and Manager of Utilities, Tyrone McCabe, both from Kamloops, came to present the information. Devlin spoke first and he explained the benefits of switching over to meters. The first point is that people will start to conserve. The second reason was fairer billing.

There will be a flat, quarterly rate based on the size of the meter, plus the volume rate used. Those who use more water will pay more and those who use less, pay less. The rate structures are still being figured out.

The third point was the detection of leaks. Meters show where they are much faster.

The last two points for “why meters” are that there will be reduced operating costs and an access to grant funding. The cost of installing the meters is being paid for by the Gas Tax funding. Installation, which can be indoors or outdoors, is being done by Iconics.

Steven Cooper of Iconics displayed a meter. He explained that they are owned by the TNRD, are typically about 3/4 inches in size, lead free and ultrasonic. When there is a leak, a flag will show up on the meter.

Questions came next and a lot of them dealt with the bills. Residents will receive an information letter in the mail. Before the meters are in place, everyone will receive a mock bill, so that when they do have a meter, they can compare what they are paying.

Robyn Rexin

Vavenby, B.C.