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There’s too much complacency in Clearwater

To the Editor,

I’ve never been more disgusted with any letter to the editor than I am with this one. I think Peacock has just described the difference between “ignore” and “ignorance”!

There is only one statement in his letter that deserves a response: “You really must get out from behind that COVID-19 mask and get some fresh air.” I don’t wear a mask to protect myself; I wear one to protect the people around me. It certainly would be a breath of fresh air if others did the same.

There is far too much complacency happening in Clearwater. Too many people are going into the shops without wearing a mask. Many of them are seniors who should know better. They have the most to lose.

With very few exceptions, social distancing has become non-existent. People are wandering the aisles like grazing cattle and many don’t pay attention to the directional markers. To make matters worse, no one is enforcing the rules.

We are now in the second wave of COVID-19. Many people have hunkered down for the past nine months and it’s a bloody shame that a few ignorant people are making it worse for everyone. In a previous letter I stated, “Any politician who needlessly calls an election during a pandemic should be punished at the polls.”

I was wrong. The politician wasn’t punished; the people were! There isn’t any proof that the election caused an increase in COVID-19 cases but there also isn’t any proof that it didn’t!

What we do know is that when the election was called, the positive cases were between 30 and 40 per day. Now, 14 days after the election, the cases are 580 per day.

What the hell, let’s just blame Hallowe’en!

Jim Lamberton,

The Rambling Man

Clearwater, BC