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The vaccine made COVID easier

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

When COVID-19 first hit us, there was this rather bizarre story about how Bill Gates and George Soros were behind it all. They also had the antidote for it, but were waiting for this virus to spread about the globe, produce this cure and make a fortune.

The fact that Soros and Gates are billionaires at present, well so what?

Since that time about the most interesting thing about Bill Gates is he has gotten a divorce or is in the process of doing so. And of course the rumours about the COVID vaccine have abounded.

Look, I had my two shots of Moderna then caught the virus. However, I’m firmly convinced that my time with COVID was eased by the fact that I had the two shots.

Ditto for my daughter, who lives in Berlin, Germany. She recently caught COVID, but within four or five days was out riding her bicycle on the streets of Berlin.

She and I have this in common: We both have compromised immune systems. The common cold can be a horrible experience for both of us.

However, my recent bout with COVID was more like a mild cold, over in about three days. The hardest was the isolation period, the time dragged on!

I keep hearing that the COVID vaccine is no good, it doesn’t work, etc. You hear the same about masks – oh, they don’t work. Yes, that’s why they use them in the hospital.

When the vaccine showed up, I, just like many others, was suspicious. After all, doesn’t a vaccine take ten years to develop? As I’ve been told, it’s a coronavirus. The common cold is a coronavirus, so they had the jump on things already. That’s why it didn’t take ten years to develop the vaccine, so they tell me.

But Gates was on CBC’s Sunday Magazine interviewed by Piya Chattopadhyay. Among the many things he talked about is how it should be emphasized that much more, that the fact 80 to 90 per cent of those in the emergency ward on ventilators are the unvaccinated.

This is a fate that both my daughter and I could have shared, if we had not taken the shot.

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater, B.C.

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