The men in the shadows

The men in the shadows

To the Editor,

Who are those men in the shadows — the men we call our own (from Miami Vice) directed at American intelligence in Latin America. Well, these shadowy characters are still there?!

But, there are lots of shadowy characters here in Canada. Take that tax-free “non-partisan” Fraser Institute?

It wasn’t always this way with that Burrard St. “think tank.” Under its former director, Michael Walker — he of $400,000 a year and don’t-raise-the-minimum-wage — was right in your face. Oh, the Fraser Institute had the answers for everything!

However, over time, revelations such as the fact that the Koch Brothers have given almost a million dollars to deny climate change. Plus, when the Fraser Institute puts something online, they are shot down in flames.

It’s the old “people see through you” thing. This also applies to the rest of those charity-status, tax-free, “non-partisans” the Frontier MacDonald-Laurier, C.D. Howe, not to mention, some new kids on the block-like Can-West.

One can only cover that you are simply a mouthpiece for Big Oil, Big Money, etc. — don’t manufacture anything here in Canada, just ship it all out raw.

The C.D. Howe still keeps gathering away as if they actually know what they are talking about. However, for the most part, the rest have retreated into the shadows — it’s safer there!

There is one shadowy organization that creep out to proclaim something grounded in 19th-century capitalism and free market nonsense in general!

The Taxpayers Federation!

Upon further examination we find that this secretive bunch has charity status? In other words, a taxpayers federation that doesn’t pay any taxes. Imagine that! And, of course, they have the same philosophy as the rest — rob the poor and the middle class to award the rich!

The Taxpayers Federation is said to have nine directors and about 250 supporters. However, there are no records or anything to shed a light on the their inner workings. Also, there’s no democracy in that organization. That’s for the peasants!

Stephen Hume writing for the Vancouver Sun took on both the Fraser Institute and Taxpayers Federation. He no longer writes for the Sun. Tells you something.

Dennis Peacock

Clearwater, B.C.