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The meaning of what is needed or neccessary

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Gwynne Dyer once stated, “Everything has changed about war except our way of thinking about it.” (The atom bomb has done that.)

Just substitute the word “economy” for “war” and the same thing applies. (The great crash of 2008-09 and the subsequent bailout of Wall Street should have started a new conversation on capitalism.)

But, no, the stock market is all new highs. What does that have to do with anything? The stock market is so disconnected with reality, it’s totally irrelevant.

And COVID-19 should have changed our conception of the economy. After all, ever since the last depression, the last resort of the capitalist has been government money, good old Socialism dressed up in different clothes.

Just like at the era COVID, and no one is more demanding of government largesse than those from the Chamber of Commerce. And if some support money is handed out it’s never enough, according to the business crowd.

Now, with all that rambling, I’ll get down to the main point of all of this.

Whenever a brochure comes from Cathy McLeod, I usually consign it to the fire starter pile. She is the North Thompson Valley’s voice in the House, but she’s not my voice. Well, that’s the essence of democracy, isn’t it? McLeod has the majority behind her.

However, this time, more out of curiosity, I looked inside. First page, third column, McLeod goes on about Canada having a deficit never seen before in our country’s history. Well, we were there after WW2 and got through it, but that’s another subject.

This whole thing concludes that this budget inserts $100 billion in stimulus that economists say may not be needed or necessary. What economists? The Fraser Institute? The CD Howe?

I’ve been told that McLeod is a very nice person and I have no reason to doubt this. However, I do remember her role as Stephen Harper’s rubber stamp.

She no doubt rubber stamped Harper’s decision to shut the life-saving station at Kitsilano plus Comox Radio. It wasn’t necessary. Let Mariner call their friends if they got into trouble.

Remember, Harper is what is necessary or needed has a different definition, like Donald Trump pouring $2 trillion directly into Wall Street. Nothing for the peasant.

Really, Cathy McLeod doesn’t know the meaning of the word “necessary.”

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater, B.C.