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Tell me again that climate change isn’t real

Letter to the editor

To the Editor,

Well, I had other things on my mind but this brush with the fires of Hell, especially for those unfortunate souls in Lytton, has focused my mind most forcefully!

So I’ll dedicate this to those who still believe that global warming and climate change are some sort of diabolical “commie” plot to bring the capitalist system to its knees. After all, according to some, in 2021 there are Reds under the beds and coming out of the closets, especially with the elections of the Biden government south of the border.

In the minds of the deniers, one should just ignore the whole thing?

But it’s rather hard to bury one’s head in the sand, especially when the sand is too hot to touch, and the surrounding environment at 40 to 50 C tends to ficus one’s attention quite thoroughly!

For at least half a century there’s been this Cassandra-like prediction of the coming of the global warming crisis. But like the Trojans treated Cassandra’s dire warnings, we have pooh-poohed it all.

To make matters worse, certain “non-partisan” think tanks, such as the Fraser/Frontier gang, really sold their souls to Satan — Frontier said the climate wasn’t hotter, it was cooling down.

And it is estimated that the notorious Koch brothers gave the Fraser Institute some $1 million so that their research would prove there was no global warming.

Some years back, Exxon did a study which showed that climate change was real and that it was at least in part by man’s activities. It’s said that Exxon is being sued in places like New York State.

For years, Skeptic Magazine kept a running argument against the idea of global warming. However, as it’s editor and the power behind Michael Shermer pointed out, when 97 per cent of the climate scientists claim that climate change is real, only a fool would go against that!

So Shermer threw in the towel on climate change. But there are still those Jim Mountain Inhofe-types that say climate change doesn’t exist and if it does, it’s God’s will — you can’t do anything about it.

Well, tell that one to the people of Lytton. Sure they’d like to hear it.

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater, B.C.