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Something we can agree on: mask up

To the Editor,

Some months ago, I became bored with Mothercorps (CBC) and anything else worth listening to. I’d even tried Charles Adler and found nothing there!

So I went searching for the “alt-right crackpots” — Christian or otherwise. To my delight, I stumbled onto a phone-in show. Some from the “things-are-bigger” state of Texas was yabbing on about how the cars and trucks were zipping up and down the highway.

Unlike those “Liberals, Lefties and Commies” in places like New York and California, those “good ol’ boys” from the Lone Star state had the steer by the horns.

You could bet your last silver dollar that Texas would breeze through this COVID-19 like a six-gun firing on all cylinders!

Report — few days ago on the Texas pandhandle the hospitals were all jammed up with COVID-19 patients and the bodies were stacking up higher than a gunfight at the OK Corral.

Don’t mess with Texas. No need for that. Those ten-foot-tall yahoos and rednecks are experts messing themselves up! (And like the Albertans, blamming everyone else).

I’m quite aware that COVID-19 is a very serious business — I’ve had a number of heated arguments with those, “Oh it’s all just a hoax,” “It’s propoganda!” “Yeah, only a million or so people have died.”

In just one day, almost 2,000 American deaths.

And no, the coronavirus was not cooked up on Michelle Obama’s kitchen stove!

I’m with Jim Lamberton on this one, and although I came to it rather late, I’m also wearing a mask.

What puzzles me is Jim Lamberton’s Donald-Trump-supporter-like attitude towards John Horgan’s recent victory here in B.C.

Wasted votes? Wes Morden and I?

Our man won. He won big and after the recount, even bigger.

Now of course the question here is, will Horgan’s followers, including myself, have the courage to tell Horgan he is wrong from time to time? This is so sadly lacking in those on the right-wing side of things. If it had been so, that sleazy Gordon Campbell would have been a one-term-wonder.

The media, especially the Vancouver Sun and Province, have a lot to answer for here.

But they never will!

Once again, I’m getting away from myself. My advice to Jim Lamberton: stop skulking like Donald Trump in the White House or Emporer Maximillion in Mexico after Napolean III has deserted him.

Put on your mask. We’ll have to move together on this one.

Dennis Peacock

Clearwater, B.C.