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Some stability and normalcy for the USA?

To the Editor,

When Saturday morning rolled around, I had a profound sense of relief. Joe Biden was declared the President-elect of the United States. The vote count was already done! Or pretty much so.

Like the B.C. vote, where we stuck with a man who, though not the most exciting personality on this planet, has proven competent and compromising two qualities when entwined can produce a good leader. We were not going back to the “carpet-bagging” days of the Campbell-Clarks, we’d stay on even heel — for a time anyway.

Much the same for the U.S. of A.

The United States should get back to some sense of normalcy. Yet, some stability one might think?

After all, Rome survived Caliula and Nero went on for at least one hundred years or more. It even produced the best Caesar Marcus Aurelius they’d ever had!

While Donald Trump mopes around the White House — “I won’t go. I’ll sue. I’ll take this to the Supreme Court,” etc., etc. — forces are gathering around him, even some of his loyal Republican supporters, suggesting, “Hey, Donald, maybe it’s time to go, don’t you think?”

In the meantime, Trump’s “Proud Boys” and all the rest of those weapon-toting (“more guns, less crime”) “yahoos” appear too relatively quiet — sets hope it stays that way!

I was listening to Charles Adler the other night. He was dumping down on Donald Trump in a manner I hadn’t heard before! Adler played part of John McCain’s concession speech to Barrack Obama. I don’t recall the exact words, but it went something like this: “I’ve known this man for some years. He is a man of integrity. The country will be in good hands during his presidency,” etc.

In the meantime, the crowd around McCain was booing and it got lounder, sounding like a Trump crowd! However, McCain was too much of an officer and a gentleman to play on it or even take notice — and that’s what the U.S. of A. really needs right now, but isn’t getting.

However, the future does appear to be brighter, although the road there is still long and rocky. But as the song goes, “We will get there.”

And that’s good for the rest of us, not just the United States!

Dennis Peacock

Clearwater, B.C.