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Pipeline safety in communities

To the Editor,

Trans Mountain has been part of communities across B.C. for many decades and our commitment to the health, safety and well-being of the communities where we live and work always comes first.

Since the pipeline was built in the 1950s, many communities have grown and developed around the pipeline right-of-way and we understand that people have questions about our existing pipeline, the Expansion Project and its safe operation and construction near their homes and schools.

While the pipeline may be in proximity to homes and schools, it does not, and will not, run under any buildings. Many community trails, community gardens, agricultural activities and businesses safely co-exist near the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Living or being active near our pipeline does not pose a health risk.

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will also follow all the same integrity and safety measures as the existing pipeline. Safety is Trans Mountain’s top priority, and it is who we are as a company. Dedicated staff and personnel work hard to maintain the integrity of the pipeline through our maintenance, inspection and awareness program.

Trans Mountain has a comprehensive emergency response plan in place that it practices on an ongoing basis. In the unlikely event of an incident, we are ready to respond quickly, working with local authorities to ensure the public and environment are kept safe. We also work with individual schools and districts to fully support their safety efforts and ensure emergency response plans are coordinated. No spills are ever acceptable, however, in the event that an accident does happen, we are ready to respond in any type of emergency.

To learn more about pipeline safety, visit our website here.

Michael Davies

Vice President – Operations, Trans Mountain