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Pay attention to our log exports

Letter to the editor

To the Editor,

He’ll disappoint — they all do.

This statement came from the great Bill Moyers on the election of Barack Obama for his first term, on PBS.

Now, Moyers was overjoyed when Obama was elected. It represented a supposed “new day” in U.S. politics after the stumbling incompetence of the George Bush years. Remember “weapons of mass destruction?”

John Horgan’s stand on this whole Teal Jones-Port Renfrew logging of old growth may just be his first major mistake. Gordon Campbell, who tried to sell B.C. away in parts and pieces, and Christie, a great campaigner but nowhere to be found in an emergency. Remember Mount Polley or the fires in 2017?

However, like Joe Biden’s stand, fully supporting Israel 100 per cent after this latest Gaza slaughter, Horgan’s siding with the forest companies logging old growth will in the end solve nothing. This whole old growth thing will have to be settled one way or the other. Or as my waggish friend puts it: Log it all! That’ll leave nothing to argue about.

I have to ask one question though. Where were you when the Campbell-Clark government, putting the wolves in charge of the sheep, let the logging companies run their own show which did in a lot of old growth?

Now, instead of fighting over the few “postage stamps” left, “protesters would be better off to go down to Nanaimo or Ladysmith harbour and call attention to the exports of thousands of raw logs to be processed in China.

Well once more during this writing, history has moved ahead of me! Apparently Horgan, along with a consortium of three First Nation bands, have a plan for old growth?

Just how it will all work isn’t to me completely clear but it’s a start.

Of course, those aforementioned protesters want it all done yesterday. My advice to them: Head down to the harbour, get some boats an blockade those freighters loading raw B.C. logs. That’s where the real outrage is.

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater, B.C.