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Maybe time for a re-think

To the Editor,

When that “snake in the grass” John Horgan had finished with chewing up these Liberal rats, chewed ‘em up even better after the recount, he can now turn to new legislation — which incidently in some cases just giving back what we once had but lost to those Liberal “carpetbaggers,” especially under Gordon Campbell and his gang of incompetents.

One fo the areas that the Liberals changed to favour the landlords was the whole relationship between tenant and landlord. As an owner of a trailer on a trailer park at one time, if the park were to be shut down, I and other owners were entitled to the assessed value of the trailer and twelve months to relocate.

By the time the smoke had cleared with Campbell’s “crooks” we “trailer trash” were down to twelve months pad rent and I”m not sure how much time to clear out? Campbell had sold us out to the landlords. This of course, according to those wastes of time and space the BC Chamber of Commerce — Board of Trade crowd, this made B.C. a good place to invest. Never mind the citizens living there!

I’ll issue a disclaimer right here: Just as when I used the term “crackpot Christian” I was not referring to mainstream Christianity — just those “the Earth is 6,000 years old and Donald Trump is a man of God.” What else would you call them? I’m not dumping on the local Chamber of Commerce but that B.C. gang, not to mention the Canadian Chamber bunch, appear to take their cues from the Fraser Institute and the C.D. Howe. What do you call them?

The other morning on CBC radio there was this story about a trailer park in Kelowna, Hiawatha I do believe, that had been shut down. It’s residents forced to leave with housing very hard to find.

Later I expressed my fears that I would become homeless. She bumped it up on the computer. There it was: besides more protection for renters, generally we trailer park trailer owners get back what we lost pre-Campbell. Maybe somewhat better?

Now I don’t know whether this is all on the book or still to be passed. My daughter couldn’t figure that out.

So my fellow Clearwaterites who reside on the various trailer parks in this area and long for the days of Campbell-Clark — don’t you think it’s time for a re-think?

Dennis Peacock

Clearwater, B.C.