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LETTER: When will it all end?

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Can’t we get a break?

First there was COVID-19 with all the restrictions and face masks that went with those two trying years. Vaxxers and anti-vaxxers at each other’s throats. Oh, what was the world coming to?

Then there was the trucker’s convoy off to occupy Ottawa. That cleared off. Then the Russians roll into Ukraine. Now this is the most disturbing event of all. World War III anyone?

In between all of this, there have been record-high temperatures — remember last summer? And record flooding after that.

You name it, it all hangs over us like the Sword of Damocles. Just make the wrong move and it all, which encircles nuclear war, will fall upon our heads.

All through the Cold War, “The Russians were coming, the Russians were coming.”

Note here, Joseph Stalin was a monster, but he wasn’t a stupid man. He realized that he couldn’t push things too far. I always thought Putin had the same survival smarts, but obviously not. This Ukrainian invasion has to be the stupidest, ill though out action in Europe’s post WWII history.

Just what is Putin’s end game here? Does he even know? Or did Putin begin to believe his own propaganda?

As William Shirer pointed out after his observations about Adolph Hitler: He really believed his own ranting nonsense even though much of it had been invented the day before.

George Bush took an American army half-way around the world to dump on a nation that, despite its awful leader, had done nothing to the United States. Iraqi civilians died as Ukrainians are dying today!

The ironic thing here: Many of those Eastern-European countries that puppy-dogged after Bush into Iraq are ones that are trembling in their boots. The Russians are coming, indeed they are!

When will this all end? Let’s hope soon. We need a break!

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater, B.C.

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