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LETTER: What a company sponsors has meaning

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Some years ago, I was living south of Powell River. One day I drove into Westview, stopping at a mall in the downtown.

In front of the mall there was this table with large signs all around that went something like this: Forget about social programs, just “Focus on the Family.”

This was all sponsored by MacMillan Bloedel, once the largest forestry company in B.C., now fading away rapidly. Just what or why they had sponsored Focus on the Family?

I asked that question then and I’m still asking now.

At that time, I knew nothing about Focus on the Family. I still don’t know that much but a little more than before due to a religious station just north of CBC Kamloops where they make a regular appearance.

They appear to offer some kind of counselling service, Bible-based or course. Nothing wrong with that, but some of their other beliefs are questionable. Especially their stand on social programs, which they seem to see as the roof of all evil?

In addition, there is this constant attack upon “entitlements” such as pensions, supplements and (oh horror!) welfare - there is a whiff of sulphur and brimstone here.

In the world of Focus on the Family and the rest of the Donald-Trump-is-a-man-of-God gang, God (or Jehovah) favours the rich. Forget Jesus Christ with his tale of the rich man, the camel and the eye of the needle.

Just as in medieval days when the peasants were basically told accept their miserable lot in life as their reward would come in Heaven, provided they’ve been righteous and avoided the fires of Hell.

But for now it all goes to the King, the princes and the barons. You’ll get your reward, maybe?

Well okay for medieval times, but when one runs into the same mindset in the 20th century, then you have to scratch your hear. It is that these “entitlements” stand in the way of the needy rich (those favoured by God) getting their huge tax breaks (of which, of course, they’re deserving)? Then these entitlements must be evil.

But just why a worn out shell like MacMillan Bloedel sponsored Focus on the Family - why?

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater, B.C.

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