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LETTER: Waste management concerns?

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Solid waste management is a task undertaken by the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. I have been asked to sit on this committee that has been re-instated from pre-COVID days. My task is to take information from the community to the committee for discussion, to later be related, through the minutes, to the TNRD Board.

Our task is to monitor the plan and offer input from the community. To this end, I took in a letter from our local Chamber of Commerce and presented that the local business people are unsure of why there is a tipping charge for cardboard from businesses when this is a service that in supposed to be of top priority in recycling.

It is also something which is adding another additional cost to businesses and is particularly had on small businesses, as it is one more cost.

Do you remember the priorities of recycling? They are reuse, reduce, recycle, review and recovery.

There is already a penalty in businesses “dumping” and not paying for recycling. There will be a fine imposed on the businesses when things are contaminated is these processes. Very costly and labor intensive to the people who are in business.

Household trash and food recycling were also discussed. This is of huge importance to the city folk. There will be some pilot projects happening.

Clothing: Finally a bit of good news and that is if you are going to Kamloops and put your bags at the Blue Depots, the diabetic association completely recycles all clothing – even if these are cut up for rags.

Poisons and other questionable items found on the bottom shelf of Grandpa’s garage? Yes, we did use to have a round-up days once every year or so, now most things can be taken to the Clearwater Eco Depot. There are areas to sort into there, with an attendant to help you figure it all out.

There are still other things in unmarked containers, but they smell questionable? Yes, there is an area in Kamloops that is open five days a week and these materials can be dropped off for free. (Check the TNRD website).

Cleaning: Yes, that messy person that just dumps is an annoyance, however, if you spot some in your wanderings, let someone know as there might be someone/a group in the area that can help clean it up.

There was discussion on education and helping children to understand the importance of these goals. Several suggestions were put forward, including involving a student to help educate and present information at places like the summer markets.

The next meeting is Oct. 24. Please write down your concerns for me to take (or send early) to these meetings. I want to be YOUR voice.


Cheryl Thomas

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