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LETTER: TNRD expense claims remain a topic of discussion

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Interesting read in the May 26, 2022 edition of the Star/Journal, ‘TNRD expense policy draws heated discussion’.

After all the press given to the expense accounting of the former CAO of the TNRD, the investigations of spending and so on, I find it strange that some area directors seem bent on continuing to cause controversy with what they feel are legitimate expense claims.

All these directors when running for office know it is not a full time job and most express their desire to represent and serve the public of the area they are running for. Once in office, it seems some will push for every advantage they can get.

To be quibbling over the per diem allowance for meals and making statements that any provided meals during their meetings or other official events they attend may ‘not be up to par’ seems to me to be rather self serving.

I don’t reside within the TNRD area, but would like to remind any regional district representative that they are paid by tax payer dollars and with that comes a duty to be reasonable and responsible.

Dale Fennell

Enderby, B.C.

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