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LETTER: They say WHO is soft on China

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

I lied! I said after the last letter I’d hang up my pen, take a break, one might say.

However, I’ve been informed about a vast left-wing plot to take over the globe, financed by George Soros and Bill Gates with a little Warren Buffet thrown in. After all, did not George Soros once describe capitalism as a “wrecking ball?”

And with God’s anointed leader Donald Trump no longer leading the world’s most powerful nation, we are doomed, doomed doomed! Make way for the anti-Christ, whoever he may be. Note here, Barack Obama once was tagged as this Son of Satan, well enough said there.

It was this doozie, plus a couple of others, that decided me to take another Parthian shot.

Oh, one more thing, these dastardly lefties started the war in Ukraine to deflect from their dastardly plans for world domination. Funny I thought it had something to do with Vladimir Putin? Shows how much I know.

One of the organization that has raised the ire of the conspiracy gang is the WHO (World Health Organization). According to them, the WHO dominated by China is out to help undermine the sovereignty of the US, not to mention, other countries. Just how is not clear, but there it is.

When COVID-19 first appeared, the WHO was criticized for being too soft of China. After all, it was China from where the virus originated and the Chinese were in denial.

However, when they got with fighting the virus, they put up a great effort. they built 2,000 parent hospitals in two weeks and brought in a severe lockdown protocol.

During the great Wall Street crash of 2008, it is said that the WHO lost half of its funding worldwide. Whether they ever got any of the missing funds, I simply don’t know.

Also, there was some kind of watchdog system that was designed to keep an eye out for such things as Ebola and COVID-19. However, it was shut down. Influence of the US? Lack of funds? Actually, if the media would focus less on the activities of the Kardashian sisters and more on the virus we’d all be somewhat wiser.

But Donald Trump said the WHO was evil and China-dominated. And, if Donald Trump said it, it must be true.

Dennis Peacock,

Clearwater, B.C.

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