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LETTER: The quality of life for our elders

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

I write this letter to remind the public that the staffing shortage in the health-care system in Clearwater is also severely affecting our most vulnerable loved ones living in Forest View Place. I also want to emphasize to the public that the few heroes who are at work are carrying a gigantic load.

I am fortunate to be able to visit my 94-year-old mother on a regular basis, as she lives just down the street at Forest View Place. My brother and sisters reside in other communities and as they are all in their 60s or 70s, travelling for a visit is a special event.

It is a unique treat for Mom when my brother visits because he brings his guitar and sings to her and other residents who happen by. He was already on the road from Peachland on Friday, so missed the announcement that due to staff shortages all visits were cancelled. What a disappointment for him to travel the three hours for a visit and have to return home driving another three hours, not knowing when he will be able to make the trip again.

Family visits to elderly folk are priceless and one never knows when a visit may be the last. This is a complicated time in our health-care system. End-of-life care is a complicated task. We talk of the importance of the quality of life for our elders. Correct staffing is the key.

Sandra Holmes,

Cleawater, B.C.

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