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Letter: The over 60 Clearwater Hoser Hockey team is back on the ice once more

Letter: Hoser Hockey Team in Clearwater is back on the ice following restrictions from pandemic
Clearwater Hosers Hockey Club was in 100 Mile House on Jan. 25. The team is looking forward to more games ahead with the next being planned in either Feb. or early March. Pictured are: Back row L-R: Bob MacKenzie, Don Howe, Ken Robinson, Marcel Willier, John Jaillet, Russ Morrison, Gordon Gibson, Don Pendergast, Fred Menzel. Front row, L-R: Randy Hedlund, Jack Keough, Grant Simpson and John Renaud (Photo by: Katt Renaud.)

By Randy Hedlund

Hockey, the great Canadian game.

Many of you don’t know, but the Clearwater hockey scene nearly died in a time when it should have flourished. The great hockey player dispenser came to town in the form of Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion employees. The problem/challenge was that at the same time COVID raised its ugly head and created so many road blocks to playing, it decimated the population of players willing to take the chance and go through the necessary formalities put in place to play. The uncertainties and regulations put in place by cautious governments at various levels made it a lot easier to sit in front of a screen instead of getting out to play.

But COVID is over and many of us are tired of screens and need an outlet hence the birth of Clearwater’s first over 60 hockey team, the Clearwater Hosers Hockey Club.

We started around the middle of October and have blossomed into a great group of players all looking for the exercise and camaraderie provided by the great game of hockey. To prove the metal of our resolve to create this team we even allowed a few Clearwater Hawks alumni, (It wasn’t easy!) and Barrier residents to join our ranks.

Playing time is typically 2 p.m. on Fridays and we have enjoyed our first taste of a home game and home series with 100 Mile House. Being the good sports we are, we let 100 Mile win this first series while we look forward to next year’s rematch.

That not being enough punishment, we have begun negotiations with Merritt to do the same with them at the end of February or early March.

If you have the time and inclination to have a lot of fun and a little exercise, contact the author or message the Clearwater Hosers Hockey Club on Facebook. We are always seeking new recruits.

Go Hosers!