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LETTER: Reliable services can go a long way

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Mom, at 94, lives at Forest View Place. She has been blessed with excellent loving care since she moved there just over a year ago. Being a frequent visitor, I have witnessed the stress placed on the dedicated caregivers, cleaners, greeters, dietitians and other staff who make Forest View a home for our most vulnerable elderly.

The demands of COVID screening, lack of staff and communicating changing rules to anxious visitors combined with the complex care needs of each resident, while making sure there are social activities to add quality of life is a daily challenge. Added to that the time spent planning a much-needed outing that has to be unplanned is very demoralizing.

Here is what happened. I was delighted to be invited along on a bus trip to the local Fish Hatchery as an assistant to my Mom. A few days following the invitation, I was told the trip had to be postponed due to lack of drivers. As the bus trip planner for the Wells Gray Country Seniors Society, I have experienced this problem several times since COVID restrictions were lifted. What a disappointment!

Just last month a bus trip for 18 seniors going to the Kamloops Wildlife Park was cancelled for the same reason — or was that the time the bus was not available due to it being in the garage?

In this time of labour shortage and high stress I want all to remember the elderly. A simple thing, like a reliable bus for hire, can go a long way to lifting spirits and relieving stress.

Sandra Holmes.

Clearwater, B.C.

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