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LETTER: Reduce accidents by reducing speed on Highway 5


The letter below is, in part, the one I composed to send to the Ministry of Transportation and Infastructure in December 2023.

Since then, there have been even more incidents and accidents along Highway 5. I feel strongly that we need to let government know how we feel about highway safety issues in the North Thompson due to the increase in commercial vehicles involved in many of these incidents.

I would like to encourage residents to write to the Minister of Transportation and others about these serious highway safety issues along Highway 5.

What another fatality or more … December 2023?

When will all of this stop? I am referring to the second fatality on Highway 5, north of Kamloops. When is the next fatality expected, n approximately two or three weeks? People living in Little Fort, Clearwater,Vavenby, Blue River are scared to death now to even venture out on Highway 5 in summer or winter.

My husband and I live in Clearwater and have never in our life heard of so many accidents with fatalities. I need to make a trip into Kamloops in January, do I really have to go, I say to myself?

I am from the province of Alberta now living in British Columbia and not far off Highway 5 since July 2007. Every time we read the weekly paper, the Clearwater Times, there is another accident with fatalities. I do not know what all was involved this past week, but the percentage involving semis is .

First of all, with regard to the semi truckers, are these drivers trained for mountain passes, winter conditions, and have they had proper training for these big units?

Our roads on Highway 5 are mountain roads. They are narrow, winding and some are steep with lots of turns.

What we have been noticing is that these units are going too fast. They can’t stop if they have too.

Where are the police?

Yes, we have new signage on our highways now, which is terrific, however, not all drivers are going to adhere to the speed limits.

My suggestion, whether the trucking companies like this or not – is to have the speed gauge set to not allowing any truck to go over 80 km/h from Rayleigh to Jasper. This should be mandatory for all truckers.

Let’s see if we can reduce the number of accidents. I think we can by reducing their speed. If the defensive driving is not apparent, and falling asleep is not the issue, let’s reduce the speed limit – mechanically in these big units.

I am sure my recommendation will surely help in this cause.

Margaret Anderson

Clearwater, B.C.