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LETTER: Platinum Jubilee plans lacking

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

In less than two months, the Queen will be celebrating her 70th year on the throne. It also means that she will have presided as our head of state for nearly half of the history of this country. Whether one is a Monarchist or Republican, this achievement is without precedent and calls for appropriate celebrations.

While there are plenty of plans afoot in Britain and other Commonwealth countries, we in B.C. have not heard anything from Ottawa, Victoria or our local municipal or regional governments.

After almost two years, of COVID, the Jubilee offers the opportunity to recognize not only the extraordinary sense of duty and service of the Queen to Canada, but also can recognize the service and sacrifice made by so many Canadians.

Canadians have a long history of coming together to celebrate our communities and each other and the celebrations might include our Indigenous peoples, new Canadians, live local celebrity performances, a parade, community block parties and luncheons, tree plantings and more.

School curriculums should include the role of Her Majesty as Queen of Canada.

As we emerge from almost two years of COVID, the Platinum Jubilee celebrations should be able to lighten the mood and remind all British Columbians of our home and heritage. There will not be another Jubilee in this Reign. Let’s do the right thing.

Derek Hall,

Vernon, B.C.


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