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LETTER: Much is taken but our spirit remains

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

Small town B.C. is under the threat of annihilation, both from government and private industry. On the government side, no matter the political stripe, centralization is stripping us of essential services like health care, fire protection, family services, all in the name of efficiency and central control. For example, in Clearwater, welfare, fire fighting, health care, forestry have all been centralized to Kamloops and Kelowna in the Interior.

On the private side, Clearwater has lost both large lumber mills, Weyerhaueser and Canfor, in the last decade and a small local mill, which in the case of the Wadlegger Mill, due to the urban standards applied to it.

All our resources, timber, minerals, etc., that can be removed and processed elsewhere have been taken. We are left with our scenery and some of our water. In a natural twist of fate, even most of our water flows south.

I am not even sure that some corporate entity is not working to remove our scenery south to more convenient urban centres.

In baseball terms for small town B.C., there are two out, the count is 0 and 2, it is the ninth inning, we are behind 3-0. In hockey terms, it’s third period, score is 5-0 against, it’s the last minute and we have been assessed a double minor for looking too good.

In spite of all this negativity, we still have a fighting spirit which could, in the end, be enough to save us.

Wes Morden,

Blackpool, B.C.

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