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LETTER: MLA’s old growth remarks amusing

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

As I read Keith McNeill’s article of Nov. 25, “Old growth deferrals raises issues,” I am somewhat amused by the statements of MLA Peter Milobar as he contends that moves by the Horgan government will cause pain to his forest corporate friends and, oh, by the way, a loss of 18,000 jobs, as claimed by the council of forest giants. Two of these forest giants abandoned the North Thompson, throwing a large part of its workforce out of a job.

The Liberal party that Mr. Milobar represents largely turned over the management of B.C.’s public forests to these same corporate giants. For almost 16 years, the corporate fox was in the public chicken house. Indeed, privatization was their mantra, in line with that right-wing propaganda machine, the Fraser Institute.

Under their administration, public education and public health care were subjected to the same assault. Highway maintenance was privatized and BC Rail was sold off to a foreign-controlled company, CN, under highly suspicious circumstances.

Mayor Blackwell, your job would be much harder under the Liberals, should they return to power. Their attitude to small-town B.C. is in line with most resource-harvesting corporations. Small towns, who needs them, when we can just harvest these resources from temporary camp and leave them with no obligation to small urban centres?

I end this rant with a plea for patience because the mess that the Liberals left takes time to repair given all the other stuff going on.

Wes Morden,

Blackpool, B.C.


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