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LETTER: Don’t chicken out of making the right choices

Letter to the editor

To the editor,

The on-going COVID pandemic has cost us all so much: a number of deaths, on-going illnesses, our freedom at times and often our jobs.

There is a real concern that it will take us a long time to recover our lives, but we must fight to achieve this. One minor story highlighted the extent of the problems that can occur – Nandos in the UK have had to shut a number of stores for a while because they can’t get chickens. If our food supply systems start to fail it will be a difficult time for all.

A common response to the shutdowns has been for people to get into growing their own vegetables, an activity that should always be encouraged. The real solution will be to stop the pandemic and that is beyond the individual and yet needs to be done at the national level with all individuals doing the right thing, but so many haven’t yet.

I want to return to a world with the freedom to go and buy whatever food, good, bad or junk, that I like, and to continue working in my garden without being stressed. Everyone knows what to do, and it’s about time they all started doing it.

Don’t chicken out of making the right choices.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia