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Ken Gillis will not seek re-election this fall

Director for Electoral Area L (Grasslands) released the following statement on Tuesday, June 21.
Ken Gillis is director for Electoral Area L of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District and chair of the TNRD board. (Kamloops This Week)

Director for Electoral Area L (Grasslands) released the following statement on Tuesday, June 21.

After careful consideration, I have decided not to run for the position of TNRD Director in this October’s election.

Foremost among my reasons is the fact that, during this term, I married and moved to Merritt. However, there also comes a time when a person just knows, or should know, that it’s time to go, and I want to leave knowing that my three terms have been positive for the region and for those who elected me.

Of course, I will leave with mixed feelings, but mainly with a tremendous sense of gratitude to the electors of Area L, who have supported me in three successive elections. As well, I am grateful for the confidence in me shown by the majority of this Board, who have elected me Chair for four years in a row, notwithstanding the fact that we were navigating treacherous waters during every one of those four years.

I’m certain no one ever accomplishes all he or she sets out to do at any level of government. Nevertheless, I look around our area and at our organization itself with a sense of satisfaction that my term in office has led to substantial improvements in a good number of aspects. In particular, I am eagerly anticipating the day I can drive past the new Monte Creek Fire Hall and remember the significant role that I played in its realization.

Finally, I must extend my heartfelt thanks to the staff at the TNRD. No Director or Chair can hope to get anything done without the cooperation and help of those who look after the day-to-day work of our Regional District. I continue to be impressed by their dedication to their work, to our organization and to the public we serve.

For our region, the future is bright. I am particularly heartened to learn that at least one especially well-qualified and knowledgeable candidate plans to seek election this fall in Area L.

Again, my profound thanks to all who gave me this opportunity.

Ken Gillis, Director Area L

Thompson-Nicola Regional District

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