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In reponse to traffic study in Weyerhauser

To the Editor,

Many kudos to Barry Banford for suggesting that the intersection of Murtle Road and Robson Street be changed to a four-way stop.

Hey, people! We are talking about Robson St. in Clearwater, not Robson St. in Vancouver.

Murtle Rd. and Robson St. already have a three-way stop. Install one post and a stop sign and Bob’s your uncle; just $100 and the problem is solved. The same goes for Murtle Rd. and Park Drive except it will take two stop signs.

To say,” I don’t feel as a councillor that I’m sufficiently educated to say that’s the best thing to do to address the problem,” is absolutely ludicrous! This is not rocket science! Spending thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on a study is ridiculous. That money would be much better spent patching some of the many potholes on just about every road in the district.

While we’re on the topic of roads, let’s talk about the 200 yards of “no man’s land” from Doug Borrow’s shop to the Eco Depot. The time for discussions with the powers that be has long passed! The time to do something about it is long overdue. I would like to suggest that Borrow’s contracting be given a contract to pave that stretch of road with the hundreds of tons of used blacktop that’s currently dumped in Blackpool’s aquifer!

On a lighter note, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Wes Morden a belated 80th birthday. It’s appropriate that this greeting is late because now Wes is closer to 90 than he is to 70!

Jim Lamberton, The Rambling Man

Clearwater, B.C.