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Funding for all kinds of child care needs

To the Editor,

Licensed child care operators have two choices in reporting hours of care: four hours and eight hours.

The NDP does not recognize (for funding purposes) hours in excess of eight hours in a day. This puts a significant burden on parents, such as single mothers who are nurses, working 12-hour shifts and needing 13 hours of child care.

The first eight hours will cost her $10, and the remaining five will go unfunded for the nurse and the childcare provider. The child care Overnight Care Policy does not support single parents, such as nurses, who need overnight care.

This is because the policy requires all hours after midnight to be rolled into the day the child arrives, and considering funding is restricted to a maximum of eight hours in a day, this leaves much of the time unfunded.

Shift-working single parents are real, everyday people. We have been advocating for these parents since April, 2018.

Baseless attacks, empty promises and truth avoidance by the NDP achieves nothing but pain and disappointment.

Eve and Robert Corlett

Eves Family


Gibsons, B.C.