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Find your smile

To the Editor,

I just want to say: Christmas is going to be hard for a lot of people this year.

No travel. Avoiding small groups. Even the sensation of being in a crowded mall, craft fair or concert — not this year!

I might cry. You might cry. It’s okay to cry.

The thing is, explore your feelings. Allow your memories to flow.

Your heart has been filled with love, and longing, sweetness and disappointment. Family members you cannot be with, time has passed and the future is unclear.

Gather some things for your own comfort such as music, cocoa, an old movie, a warm wrap, photos, a poem or a song. Make this Christmas THIS Christmas. Not like any other and that’s okay.

The first Christmas was cold and lonely and uncertain for Mary and Joseph, too. Yes, that little baby brought them a smile. Hold very still. Be very quiet. Realize your tiny blessing. Find your smile!

Eleanor Deckert

Clearwater, B.C.