Don’t ignore the obvious

To the Editor,

Oh, Lamberton, Lamberton, Lamberton. You really must get out from behind that COVID-19 mask and get some fresh air.

To suggest that those who didn’t vote for that “eyesore-of-the-year” Peter Milobar wasted their vote is to ignore the obvious!

Despite the fact we are still with “Stoned” Todd (you know, the guy who ran BC Ferries into the ground) and the aforementioned “eyesore,” we are not stuck with one super carpetbagger (Wilkinson). John Horgan, the best-liked premier in Canada, is back with a majority no less.

Have no worries, those neo-con “Liberals” will back be back, Jim, but not today!

John Horgan is a very moderate man — for some he’s considered too far to the right — but that’s what happened to the left generally. Not so, the right. They believe one runs everything on ideology — just look east across the border where a nasty “alt-right” Jason Kenney is in charge.

They say that even those “dead between the ears” Alberta rednecks and wahoos are complaining about Kenney and his gang of braindeads and imbeciles and outright crooks (Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, on Donald Trump). They have embarked on a slash and burn with Alberta’s healthcare system and right in the middle of a pandemic.

Kenney’s “privatize this, cancel that” is so out of step with the 21st century, but to paraphrase Gertrude Stein: A right-wing ideologue is a right-wing ideologue, is a right-wing ideologue. We’ve dodged the bullet on that one with the results of this recent B.C. election!

There will be, one would think, none of the three-day wars on old cars. Remember that one perfect epitome of the saying, “The more corrupt the government, the harsher the laws,” from Tacitus? This was all at the instigation of the car dealers and Gordon Campbell was an expert at using the province’s assets to please and award his supporters.

Look at that run-of-the-river power project. On paper, not a bad idea. In reality, a financial disaster and unnecessary, seeing as we already have a surplus of BC Hydro power — BC Hydro was doing fine until Campbell got a hold of it.

One would go on and on and on about the Campbell-Clarks mismanagement with a tinge of corruption. But why bother?

Unfortunately, the majority of the people in the Thompson Valley still act like the art collectors who got a hold of a piece of “foolscap” with a bunch of stick figures penciled on it — and still want to imagine they have a rembrandt!

Dennis Peacock

Clearwater, B.C.