Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?

To the Editor,

Excavators galore, water, gas, sewer and oil lines are being dug all over the North Thompson. Is this infrastructure enhancement or are they digging a mass grave for our communities?

I think not, for the boulders being extracted from this activity, this North Valley must be based on solid stuff, just like the people who reside here.

In two years time, with the pipeline complete, even if it turns out to be a white elephant as an oil transportor, it, and many more like it, may serve as water conduits from the coast to Alberta.

These pipelines, hopefully, can replace the Bow, Saskatchewan, Athabasca and Old Man rivers, who’s source glaciers will have melted, leaving the Prairies a parched desert.

The new water source will be one or more desalination plants on the Pacific Coast powered by Alberta natural gas.

What a win-win scenario helping to mend the sometimes fractious relationship between the Prairies and B.C. The future could be bright if only the authorities heed the profit WKM.

Wes Morden

Blackpool, B.C.