Ahead to the future not back to the past

Ahead to the future not back to the past

The NDP is going to win a majority government in the Oct. 24 election. We, the electors of the Kamloops-North Thompson riding, need to be a part of that win.

The reasons for my bold prediction are simple; strong leadership in John Horgan and a credible plan to help all, and I emphasize all, British Columbians.

By contrast, the “Con-Liberals” seem to be using the 2016 Trump strategy, vowing to “make B.C. great again.” They are promising to cut taxes, a move that tends to weaken the government services and institutions on which most of us depend.

We are now only beginning to recover from 16 years of “Con-Liberal” mismanagement. The damage to education, healthcare and the environment have set this province back 20 years. Essentially unregulated mining practices, the fire sale of B.C. rail to an American railway, are all examples of the transfer of wealth to the ultra-rich and away from the majority of B.C. citizens.

This election year, please vote, in whichever method you prefer, to return to a New Democratic Party majority government for our province.

Wes Morden

Blackpool, B.C.