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A lesson still to be learned

To the Editor,

One obvious conclusion arising from this pandemic is that health issues don’t recognize borders.

But despite the massive consequences of COVID-19, our political leaders still haven’t grasped it. Rich nations like ours are now paying enormous funds to get to the front of the vaccine line, as if treating the pandemic here but not elsewhere will end the problem.

Aside from the moral and ethical problems with this, the pandemic itself has proven we can’t wall disease away — as long as it circulates anywhere it remains a grave threat.

Health organizations are calling for international funding to provide global accessibility to treatment. So far, our government has offered a tiny amount, nowhere near our fair share.

The lesson was simple: we’re all in this together.

But it’s a lesson the Trudeau Liberals still don’t seem to have learned.

Nathaniel Poole

Victoria, B.C.