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A community of volunteers

To the Editor,

What kind of valley do we live in? If you read The Times, you will say it is one full of caring, kind and giving people.

In the edition that came out at the end of April, I was struck by how many articles featured volunteers. There were stories about fire departments, school kids doing good deeds, the Rotary pitching in at Evergreen Acres, with help of more school kids, hockey teams cleaning up the streets and the good men and women who tried to repair the Clearwater River Road.

Thank you Times staff for reporting on local news and thank you to all who add to the fabric of the community by giving of themselves.

If you are new to town and are looking for a place to share your talents and skills, every group would love to have you join them.

Becoming part of the community is so much better, for you and for the place you live, than just occupying space.

Mary Neathway