After Hours Theatre stages three plays for entertainment

This not to be missed production, “It’s All An Act” by Carl L. Williams, is a series of three one-act plays

Krystle Moilliet (l) and Neal Broswick.

Krystle Moilliet (l) and Neal Broswick.

As I stepped into the room where a lively rehearsal was underway I immediately felt the undercurrents of humour and excitement. Then the corpse (or I thought it was a corpse) on the stage sneezed.

This not to be missed production, “It’s All An Act” by Carl L. Williams, is a series of three one-act plays.  Carl L. Williams, a playwright from Huston, Texas, has won many awards for his humorous plays.  The play is perfect for After Hours Theatre’s fourth season and its first Dessert Theatre.

The characters engage in lively conversation. There is love, murder, misunderstanding, a steamer trunk and good use of dramatic pause to create very humorous entertainment. The interaction between the actors on stage creates an atmosphere of suspense as one unlikely event happens after another.

At one point I was drawn in to feel sympathy for the old woman with the annoying, snoring husband. At another I felt concern for the actor when everything seemed to go wrong.  Good timing with the delivery of the lines and some unexpected actions enhanced the humour of the plays.

After Hours Theatre’s esteemed director, Krystle Moilliet, explained that two of the plays will feature first time directors. “Must the Show Go On?” will be directed by Neal Broswick.  “Can’t You See We’re Acting” will be directed by Alex Arduini.  Both Neal and Alex have many theatrical credits and have acted in other After Hours Theatre productions.  Krystle will direct “The Final Curtain.”

This will be an evening of splendid entertainment on The Dessert Deck at Serenity Center on Lost Creek Road. Between the plays, the famous Dessert Deck treats can be ordered and eaten.


Although there will be four performance times, July 4, 5, 6, at 7 p.m. and July 7 at 1 p.m., you are advised to buy your ticket early at the Community Resource Centre as tickets are limited to 30 for each performance.

– Sandra Holmes